Monday, August 29, 2016

The Neverending Story Game

So... I made a storytelling game inspired by the Neverending Story. Here's some pictures. I'm not sharing gameplay, because this could actually be worth money some day.

The book itself was quite a bit of work. I've never stained and finished wood before, let alone done so to intentionally create a unique texture. The book doesn't just look amazing, it feels the way it should. Old. Ancient. Magical.

Three guesses on the task resolution mechanic! XD

Clearly, the game is partially inspired by Rory's Story Cubes, but far, far more abstract.

Until next time!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Do You Know What the Gaming Hobby Really Needs?

The RPG gaming industry is a stressful place to be. I feel sorry for those poor fools, trying to eke out a living on their art...

And I hope they all lose their jobs.

All of them.

I hope the whole damn industry goes bankrupt.

I hope all of their copyrights are abandoned and become public domain. (That way we can use their ideas without fear of retribution, or hiring lawyers to negotiate contracts.)

I hope the community survives and goes back to making their own games. (So that we can stop arguing about any one book or another as having any sort of intrinsic value.)

I hope we can some day reclaim the fun that capitalism has strangled from our entertainment. (So that we can have fun without elitism.)

I hope Wizards of the Coast headquarters gets demolished and replaced by a park. (So that land is used for something of value.)

I hope the commercialization of gaming ends, and we can see the art form for what it truly is again. (Instead of mass-produced product designed to sustain corporate profit margins.)